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>> in the news this morning, november 18th," police search for sue suspects who ran away after a man was shot and killed in menlo park. and another storm brings more rain to the bay area. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. a live look outside. it is dry. that front moved through quickly. yes, bra the heaviest rain to
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the north bay. over an inch there with about a half-inch around the central bay. live doppler 7 hd shows the front moving through the central valley. the sierra nevada they have and really very little left of it. we are looking at the temperatures dropping. the winds are calm and the numbers into the lower 40s this morning in our north bay valleys. chance of an isolated shower still remains this morning with 40s and 50s around the bay. by this afternoon upper 50s coast with some sunshine, to the low 60s. we will be dry and then for tonight look for a few more clouds. our dry weather not going to last all that long w will have the details on our next dance of rain coming up. >> with more showers expected, people who live in areas prone to flooding and mood slides are watching the weather. they are very nervous. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard checked on those areas during last night's heavy rain. >> the rain began falling in the north bay after 6:00 p.m.
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getting the attention of the larkspur neighbor sheila and tess, who live in a mobile home park that has flooded in the past. >> neighbors have lost cars and flooded in the past and homes have been damaged. i lost a bunch. christmas decorations once but that's the worst it's been. >> with the high tides and rain, there's nothing you can do. it's kind of a helpless feeling. >> park residents are ready for rain and high water. lots of sandbags are on standby just in case. >> this is what happens when high tide means rain runoff. 101 and highway 1 in mill valley was flooded early saturday. business owners were ready with sandbags to keep the water away, and it worked. by nightfall a new downpour sent folks running for their cars or anyplace dry. in san francisco, the city rain made driving on 19th avenue a bit of a challenge. >> here in daly city, so far so good.
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nearly two city blocks of these hay bales are still reinforcing hillside park. scene of tuesday's mudslide and water main break. city crews are creeping watch on all the flood that flowed from the hilltop, now covered in netting and way. neighbors below say crews have done a good job. >> they were very good and nice. because they protect the community. >> no one was hurt in tuesday's mudslide, but folks did lose some cars. officials from daly city's water department say that hillside will the monitored all weekend long for any changes, but so far it continues to hold. in milbank, apc7 news. >> the cold weather caused major problems for athletes near sacramento. yesterday dozens were injured in the spartan race. it's sort of an obstacle course event. most of the injuries were due to cold and possible hypothermia. it was so bad eight fire engines
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and seven medical units responded. >> we things in place to handle the incident but they got overwhelmed. we got reports one time they had seven patients in difficulty to breathing to hypothermia with 30 more in the field they couldn't get to or get to a location to help. >> most were similarly warmed up and sent home. some were transported to the hospital. fire officials say many simply came unprepared for the cold weather. in world news, rocket fire continues this morning in the gaza strip even as egypt tries to broker a cease-fire. this morning president obama is standing be signed israel's right to defend itself. a hamas record aimed at he will -- tel aviv was intercepted by israel's so-called iron dome
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missile defense system. israel also said it's targeted hamas military leader with air strikes. a air strikes hit media centers in the gaza strip today. meanwhile israeli leaders called up 75,000 reservists for the ongoing conflict. those are the headlines. good morning america will have more coverage from the middle east coming up at 7:00. [chanting] >> this is a display of some of the anger over the bombing in gaza is on display in san francisco. a pro-palestinian anti-israeli crowd rallied in front of the israeli consulate last night. you see them there marching down market street. they were yelling "while you are shopping, bombs are dropping. the rally was peaceful. more demonstrations are expected
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today and tomorrow. some local families are working to find a common solution. abc7 news reporter shows how bay area jews and palestinians are getting together to work toward peace. >> escalating violence in gaza has prevented her from getting any rest in the last few days. >> if i was there, i would be sleeping just living normally because i'm not feeling the guilt of being away from what they are going through there. >> she's been constantly connect to her palestinian friends and family in gaza through twitter updates and facebook posts. but it's her jewish friends here in the bay area she's turning to for support. >> this is my refuge. i was having days in which i was crying, feeling angry. >> she's part of a group that meets every month in san mateo it's made up of jews and palestinians. in the conflict they will likely not even talk to each other. but here talking and listening is the whole point. >> the one thing that can dignify both people is to listen to each other. >> lynn and his wife, libby, have hosted hundreds of meetings in their living room over the last 20 years. they want to make connections with palestinians in the bay area and their hope is to export these conversations.
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>> there are things that governmentss can do like sign treaties, and there are things that the people can do who are free from government, and that's building relationships. >> over the years they have organized summits and camping trips in yosemite where israeli and palestinian families had to spend days together. incidentally, participants in one of those camping events demonstrated in bethlehem for the violence to stop. through dialogue they hope to make things change, even if it takes a while. >> of course, it's a slow process. it's like a ripple in a big, big ocean but in time that ripple will get the result. >> and their hope is that people on both sides of the conflict zone will begin pushing their leaders for a peaceful solution and soon. >> abc7 news. this morning menlo park homicide investigators are looking for two suspects who ran from the scene of a fatal shooting last night. people living near highways 101
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and 84 called 911 around 6:30 to report several gunshots in the neighborhood. menlo park police arrived to find a 40-year-old man wounded on the 300 block of ivy drive. he died at the scene. they say he is not from menlo park but they aren't releasing any other details about him. witnesses say two men they describe as tall, wearing dark hooded sweatshirts, ran west on different directions. we will have more in a live report from menlo park in about 30 minutes. san jose police have released the name of the officer credited with saving another officer's life in a gun battle. it happened friday night only tully road, two robbery suspects opened fire on an officer in his patrol car who was pursuing him. the officer in the car was a sitting duck, officers said. bruce barthalamew, a five year veteran of the force, returned fire when he got on the scene. one suspect was injured and arrested.
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the other is still on the lose. the officer in the car was slightly injured. the head of the san francisco diocese has issued an apology for allowing a registered sex offender to attend a elementary school event last month. he had a letter from diocese when confronted by the police at the parish. the bishop said it was a mistake to allow him to attend and volunteer at the event. he said diocese policy and no one guilty of child sexual abuse is to be allowed around children. >> coming up, some much-needed help for bay area food banks as thanksgiving approaches. also president obama against his three day tour of southeast asia. his first overseas trip since re-election. and the holiday season kicks off today in san francisco. we will have a preview of the
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day-long celebration a
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>> new this morning, president obama has arrived in thailand the first stop on his three-nation tour of southeast asia. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton are making alliances with thailand and others in the region as cornerstones of the administration's deeper commitment to the region. it will include a first-ever
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presidential stop in myanmar, also known as burma. the president said his visit to myanmar is not an endorsement of the government, but noting their progress. president returns to washington late wednesday, just in time for thanksgiving. in washington, as the deadline looms closer, will there be a deal in congress to avoid going over the fiscal cliff? coming up on abc's "this week" nancy pelosi gives a definitive answer to martha raddatz. don't miss it coming up here on abc7. bay area food banks are facing a thanksgiving turkey shortage. second harvest food bank of santa clara county received some help yesterday. the local branch of the el camino owners association donated over three quarters of a ton of turkeys. that's a lot of help.
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the officials say they are still short of food and money this season but this should make it easier to achieve their goal. volunteers also accepted donations at the pennsylvania avenue warehouse in san francisco yesterday as well as the marin food bank. beginning this thursday the san francisco food bank is short 1700 turkeys. that's more than half the birds it needs for this year's traditional meal. we invite you to be part of the abc7 share your holiday food drive. on december 12th meet the abc7 news team as we broadcast live from all over the bay area. taking your donations for local food banks. for more information and the location nearest you, go to the holiday season kicks off tonight at pier 39. the annual tree lighting gets underway at 6:00. abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian will be there to host the ceremony.
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but there's a lot to do before 6:00. the celebration includes music, letters to santa and even visits from popular disney characters. it all begins at noon. and how will the weather be? i'm thinking lisa has already forecast it's going to be nice and dry. >> you are absolutely right, with some sunshine and, in fact, with some clearing skies right now temperatures are dropping in the north bay. 39 degrees. here's our sutro camera. you see the partly cloudy conditions. it is a chilly start out there. it will be a cool afternoon but we still have some rain to talk about before the thanksgiving holiday. i'll explain coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next, stanford plays the game of the season in eugene, knocking off the second-ranked oregon ducks in overtime. mike shumann has the highlights and the postgame reaction
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> we got quite a soaking the last few days and i'm wondering what's that dog to the rain towings? >> pretty good. we are above normal in parts of the south bay and 70% north bay. we are doing okay. we have a little more to come. a live look outside right now, quite the opposite happening. clear conditions. a few from mount tam.
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numbers are dropping this morning in the north bay. it is chilly out there and numbers close to the dewpoint as well up near santa rosa. that's why we is have some fog n emeryville it is much, much warmer with low 50s around the water. we are talking a good twelve to fifteen degree difference in about ten, fifteen miles. really if you are headed outside this morning, it's not the umbrella. live doppler 7 hd shows the front pushing to the east of us. it's the cool temperatures. we have a little moisture left over but the front rapidly pushed through last night. we are looking at the clearing behind it. although unfortunately the snow right now has turned to rein in the sierra nevada so we are talking upper 30s in this area. in fact, up he were elevation snow, you have to go way up above 7,000 feet. you know, around mount shasta, looking at mix the precipitation, as well. this is a warmer system. but behind it the chillier air,
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the calm winds. 39 santa rosa, 49 in san rafael. 51 in fremont as well as san jose. that brings the 24 hour temperature change pretty significant drop with 10 degrees colder this morning and fremont. good morning santa rosa. wow, 18 degrees colder. 9 degrees colder at our coast. bundle up. a lingering morning shower is possible. then that sunshine. it's going to help warm us up just a little bit. but still a little below average for this time of year. a return to the showers perhaps late tuesday into wednesday for parts of the bay and then we are looking at a bit of is warming trend and drying trend for the holiday and beyond. if you like that, we have that on tap. but first things first. you can see how the front is still hung up in the central valley. some showers around modesto, push being through auburn, and behind it a lot of cloud cover. but in between we will see some sunshine today.
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more heavy rain north of lake county. so this next system, a couple pees of energy allowing for a soggy couple of days for extreme northern california. but for the bay area the storm systems, well, they will stay to the north of us. the tail end of one of them is going to try to slide on through here late tuesday into wednesday, giving us a little more rain. today the snow continues for the next couple of hours. but it's at a high level, above 7,000 feet. expecting around a foot, maybe an inch or two at lake level. back home today we have the raiders at 1:00. low 60s. so it will be a little cool, breezy along the cove. 60 san francisco. down by the monterey bay we are looking at a few more showers perhaps this morning and 65 salinas. we will dry it out. continue that tore tomorrow into tuesday. north day, west chance of showers tuesday night into wednesday. trying out for pg&e day. the big happening day on friday warming up and into the weekend it looks dry as well.
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hopefully that will cooperate with all the plans locally around here. >> are you one of those who gets out there on friday. >> no. >> and joins the madness? >> not me. >> me either. thanks, lisa. coming up at 7:00 it's good morning america. we are joined live now from new york to find out what is coming up. hello. >> good morning, carolyn. you have to agree on you i'm not one of those people who lines up early friday morning either but they make it a busy shopping
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poll of our viewers as to who they thought was the fastest? only 13% thought i won. really upsetting. >> well, yes, i guess that would be. but i did kind of take a peak and just tell danny know he's driving like a grandma. [laughter] >> grandma dan harris. >> not good. we will lock for that.
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>> all right, carolyn. >> we will look for you at 7:00. okay. thanks. >> see ya later. bye-bye. >> we will check out sports this afternoon. the raiders play the new orleans saints at the coliseum. check off, 1:05. last night stanford pulled off a huge upset in oregon over the second-ranked ducks. here's shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. nobody thought stanford could beat second ranked oregon in eugene, nobody. the cards went up there with a chip on their shoulder and oregon couldn't knock it off. oregon had the longest win streak in the nation at 13 games. kevin making his second start of his career. makes one guy miss. to the end zone, 93-yard drive, eating up 7 minutes. 7-0, stanford. third quarter ducks take their first lead of the game. thomas punches it in. ducks go up 14-7. fourth quarter stanford needs to put points on the board. williamson, the 43-yard field goal and he misses. still 14-7, oregon. now 1:45 to go in the game.
6:25 am
hogan throws it up to zach in the end zone. did he catch it? called incomplete. had to be reviewed and it was reversed! touchdown! 14-14 ballgame. ertz had 11 catches, 106 yards receiving. we go to overtime. oregon attempts the field goal, 41 yards out, off the uprights, stanford only needs a field goal to win the game. jordan williams, redemption time. 37 yards. good! stanford pulls off the upset. win 17-14. they can clinch the pac-12 north with a win next week against ucla. afterwards the coach talked about the kicker. >> he missed the kick. as i like to do, i like the guys to come off, let off steam. he was standing by himself. i went up to him, put my arms around him, looked him right in the eye and said, time to grow up. i said i don't want to talk about how talented you are, i want you to make your kicks. for the first time i saw him look me right in the eye and
6:26 am
said gotcha, coach. >> kind of blacked out. definitely was excited and started running around. it felt great to be able to help the team out. they worked so hard throughout the game and i felt like i owed them. >> all right. cal facing oregon state. jeff tedford my be coaching his last game. sean manion. deep to brandon cook. comes back to make the catch. watch this. cuts across the field. 48-yard touchdown, oregon state ahead 28-7. second quarter, manion again. his fourth t.d. pass of the game. 239 yards, 4 t.d.s in the first half, beavers go on to win. cal ends the season at 3-9. >> san jose state facing byu the quarterbacking came out swinging. to grigsby. spartans up 6-0. second quarter, again. this time 18 yards. the lead. grigsby 8, catches 132 yards and
6:27 am
two scores. late in the fourth. byu, on-side kick. ball goes off chandler jones. byu recovers trailing. and they drive deep into the territory. san jose defense comes up big. rolly nelson is sacked, who fumbles, san jose state recovers spartans improve to 9-2. and they hold off byu, 20-14. raiders hosting the saints and of course we will have all the highlights for you tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up next, high-tech travel. a local travel company that puts you in the tourism industry. and the multi-million dollar impact it's having on san francisco. and black friday sales are starting earlier than ever. some store employees are demanding their holidays back.
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♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients,
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like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> welcome back. more now on that deadly shooting at a menlo park neighborhood. homicide detectives have been working all night long on ivy drive where a man was shot to death last night. abc7 news reporter kera clapper is live at police headquarters. she has the latest. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. police here in menlo park are still looking for those two men
6:31 am
who, as you mentioned, shot and killed another man on ivy street last night. we do have video from the scene. it was pouring rain. that's when calls started coming in to 911 about 6:30 last night. people living near 101 and 84 reported hearing several gunshots another call came in that someone was lying in the streets. when menlo park list arrived to that 300 block of ivy drive they did indeed find an injured man lying in the middle of the road. the 40-year-old was shot numerous times. he was pronounced dead there at the crime scene. police say he is not from menlo park but they aren't really releasing any other information about him yet this morning. still his shooters were last seen running away in different directions. >> after the incident occurred, witnesses indicated that they had heard shots and saw two males running from the scene. the only description of the males are two tall males wearing
6:32 am
dark-colored hooded sweatshirts. one was seen northbound on ivy, one westbound on murdoch. we have no other information on the suspects. >> investigators are asking anyone with information on the shooting to contact menlo park police. reporting live in menlo park. abc7 news. >> thank you. this morning at 11:00 oakland mayor jean quan will be joan local, state and congressional leadersal a somber occasion. the 34th annual memorial service for those killed in the jonestown massacre. it was back on november 18, 1978 when san mateo congressman leo ryan and his legal aid, jacky speer, went to investigate the people's temple cult involving many bay area people under consult leader jim jones. it turned violent. congressman ryan was shot and killed. speer and others were left for dead . then cult members were given cyanide-laced kool-aid.
6:33 am
900 men and women and children died. speer went on to serve san mateo in congress. san francisco based travel company air b&b. it relies on a community of online users to connect team with accommodations worldwide. new services should expand the company's reach in the tourism industry. >> christina rents out a home in her san francisco victorian to international visitors. about 100 this the past two years. she showcases her place on air b&b, an online company that specializes in tour efforts look for unique experiences. >> the city's number one industry, tourism, is now being brought into all the neighborhoods throughout the city. >> and that has had a $56 million impact on the san francisco economy. between april, 2011 and may of this year. according to a study commissioned by air b&b.
6:34 am
it's also had profound benefits for the 3,000 hosts in san francisco like christina. according to the study, more than half use the money they collect from guests not for splurges, but to make ends meet. >> it helps. i just think it's added a little bit. it has made things a little easier. >> the company currently operates in 30,000 cities worldwide. it launched a new service. it's website offering detailed information on dozens of neighborhoods in seven large cities. the companies is also starting a pilot program in its hometown of san francisco enlisting coffee shops like this one. they serve as pseudoambassadors for travelers. these moves are being closely scrutinized by the traditional hotel industry. >> hotels help visitors coming to the city. for us there's definitely a competition on some level, but it's also benefiting the city as a whole. >> city government still has
6:35 am
concerns over the legality of the short-term rental market. san francisco supervisor david chu is now working on legislation to clarify some of that controversy. >> tomorrow we can expect the next play in the effort to bring the warriors to san francisco in a brand new arena. the san francisco chronicle reports union, restaurant and hotel workers are expected to join the building trade unions tomorrow to urge san francisco supervisors to approve plans to build the $1 billion arena. the hotel workers like the union jobs that could be created at a 13-story hotel. the warriors plan to build across the embarcadero from the 17,000 seat arena. the backing of the influential union adds pressure to approve a deal on the promise of bringing more jobs and more revenue to san francisco. new concerns this morning for raiders fans who are afraid the team might once again
6:36 am
relocate to southern california. pasadena is considering hosting an nfl team in the rose bowl. for five years while a new downtown l.a. football stadium gets built. yesterday the rose bowl hosted the annual football rivalry between ucla and usc. the l.a. times reports tomorrow the pasadena city council will consider bringing the nfl to their city. the pasadena chamber of commerce and others like the prospect of millions of nfl dollars flowing into their city on a temporary basis. but people who live near the rose bowl have complained in the past about traffic and noise and problems caused by rowdy fans. opposition is growing over plans by stores like wal-mart, toys-r-us, sears and target to kick off black friday deals on thanksgiving night. one target employee from california has started an online petition calling on the stores to give back thanksgiving to employees and their families. now there are more than 40
6:37 am
petitions to save thanksgiving on with more than 238,000 signatures. but experts say when it comes to competition, stores like target are similarly supplying a demand. an appetite for shopping and it's becoming earlier and earlier. nobody wants to come in second in that race. so it's really a question that, look it, people are thinking about shopping, they want to go shopping. >> target says opening up at 9:00 thanksgiving night provides an after dinner shopping event for the family. but many employees argue that it takes away family values. you can check out before you start your black friday shopping. we have compiled a list of stores that are opening as early as thanksgiving day. you can also browse their black friday sale ads. it's all at under see it on tv. coming up we are just hours away from tonight's 40th
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american music awards. we will have a preview and tell you who will be performing. and here's a live look from the vollmer peak. it's looking nice out there today. dry. there it stay that way? ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 6:41. thanks for waking up with the
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abc7 sunday morning news. it this is a live look from our roof cam showing you, oh, buildings along the embarcadero. they do not have red and green christmas lights just yet. we haven't even got tone thanksgiving. the weather today? lisa argen says in san francisco near 60. she will be along a bit later with a full accuweather forecast. >> the stars of music will gather tonight for the american music awards as abc reports, taylor swift will be performing. she's just one of dozens of stars celebrating the show's 40th anniversary. >> variety is once again the key to the american music awards. 15 performers will take the stage with styles ranging from pop to rock to hip-hop and everything in between. >> we also celebrate a.m.a.'s 40th birthday. we are going to go out there and have fun, bring the energy and tear the place down.
6:42 am
>> i've heard a lot about a.m.a. and it's the 40th, right? and i'm performing tonight. not only performing, but i'm going to perform with someone very special. >> from country princess taylor swift to pit bull, paula abdul, to lincoln park. we will see the best of 2012 on sunday night's three-hour music-filled show. two top stars could walk away with an armfull of trophies. tied for the most a.m.a. nominations this year with four a piece, rihanna and nicki minaj. i hope nicki stops for me on the carpet. i think we had a special bond in 2010. >> you could come on the road with us. you could like interview the fans. >> i could become a big music reporter. >> that would be so cute. like i mean, i'm on to something. >> very good. nicki, bye-bye. >> thank you, darling. >> i feel like i have a new best friend.
6:43 am
>> yeah. >> this george reporting for abc news. the american music awards airs tonight at 8:00 here on abc7. >> will you be watching n. cki minag at all? >> yeah. she's kind of fun. we are talking about clearing skies in parts of the bay. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. 50s by the water and upper 30s in the protected valleys of the north bay. but it's not all over. we still have a little more rain before thanksgiving. i'll have the outlook coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, it's one of the hottest movie franchises right now. is the latest film in the "twilight" series worth the hype? it's the last one. abc7 arts and entertainment
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>> welcome back. it's 6:46 on this sunday morning, november 18th. are you ready to thanksgiving? don't think about it right now. sit back and enjoy the news. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you part of the embarcadero. the flag fling just a little bit. not as much as yesterday when it was rather brisk and chilly.
6:47 am
lisa argen along in about 25 seconds with the full accuweather forecast. did you know that despite high gas prices and a still-struggling economy, more californians than ever are expected to travel this thanksgiving holiday? according to triple a, more than 5.4 million of us plan to travel 50 miles or more over the four-day weekend. nearly 5 million californians will take to the highways. and more than half a million of us will fly. then the rest of us, lisa, just will be hanging out here around the bay area. >> yes. well, the rain came down pretty good yesterday. it really moved through quickly. right now left over with some clouds. more clearing. here's santa cruz. some of the warmer temperatures are along the central coast with numbers in the upper 50s. quite a range from the readings
6:48 am
here. that's also where the dewpoint is. with the fog and calm winds, emeryville with mr. mild numbers in the lower 50s. live doppler 7 hd looking at most of the activity right out of the bay area. so we are talking about the cold front that has pushed through the central valley and now bringing the rain to the sierra nevada. so really behind it we are looking at partial clearing and a weak high pressure building in. the snow has changed over to rein in the sierra nevada. numbers are up near 40 degrees. in fact, they will warm each and every day. we still have a winter weather advisory through 10:00 here. wide ranging temperatures from 39 this morning santa rosa. good morning. to low 50s in oakland. you saw the upper 50s around the central coast. 50 half moon bay, redwood city. 51 san jose. good morning, you are cooler this morning. 9 degrees cooler and the cold frontal how long for the cooler
6:49 am
air mass to settle on in to the entire bay area. we will be looking at perhaps a lingering shower this morning. otherwise partial clearing today with cool temperatures and showers return late tuesday into wednesday for a much weaker system. here's a look at what happened yesterday. currently as the front pushes through the central valley, also into the sierra nevada, we have an active storm track to the west and north of us and that's where it will remain. we will break out into partly sunny conditions this afternoon and then it will stay to the north for the next couple of days. a series of storm systems. but then by late tuesday looks like the tail end of it wants to swing on through northern california and that should bring us a couple more showers. not as significant snowmaker. in fact this one was kind of warm, as well, with about a foot accumulating above 7,000 feet. in the high country until 10:00 we have the winter weather advisory, about 6500 feet. gusty winds and bring your
6:50 am
chains it you are headed that way. back home the raiders at 1:00. numbers should be approaching 60. a little breezy along the coast. 62 santa rosa. san jose below the average today by about five degrees. we will have to wait for the next frontal passage until we warm up to near seasonal temperatures by the end of the work week. 63 gilroy with 65 in salinas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we are starting out on the cool side with some clouds. the rain pretty much over. low 60s, mid-60s tomorrow. a dry day. chance of showers late tuesday into wednesday. then it looks like not only the bay area, but much of the country enjoying a mild, dry forecast for thanksgiving and back home we warm up by the weekend. >> boy, and they need it on the east coast there to have some dry weather. >> it's going to be pretty good there. >> here no excuses for you not to get to your mother-in-law's house, you know. the weather is not going to stop you. >> okay. i'll work on that. >> the final chapter in a
6:51 am
billion dollars film series is in theaters this weekend. "twilight, breaking dawn part 2" wraps up that epic. we have reaction on the isle. >> after 18 years of being utterly ordinary, i finally felt like a child. i was born to be a vampire. >> so beautiful. >> so they are back for one final vow and bite. she's now a full-fledged vampire with red eyes. she's fast, strong, even cracks his back and she likes to hunt humans. we are trying to get a clue to the chemistry between the two. >> welcome home. >> they have this house that looks like a thomas kincaid painting. since vampires never sleep they have a lot of time on their hands. it gets pretty steamy on screen. explain those limbs to the younger kids. but the problem is they have this baby who is half human, half vampire.
6:52 am
vampire children are against the he is the evil person in italy thinks she has to be eliminated. michael sheen is their overacting leader. there are changes, taylor lautner only takes his shirt off once. the images aren't as softly focused. the dialogue is still drab. people stare at each, maybe thinking how many millions this one will make. it is a pop culture phenom. ♪ let me warn you, there is gory violence like decapitation and bodies thrown into flames. this is not for small children. special effects are kind of cheesy and fake. there are a lot of laughs. and a twist, a shock surprise. when the credits role the stars got lots of cheers, but when christian stewart appeared on screen there was a smattering of applause and i wonder if the movie has a problem. probably not. it is a satisfying conclusion to the series. i will have to give it a little
6:53 am
more than half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. see you on the isle. >> coming up next, check out this kid's moves. ♪ jailhouse rock >> pretty good there. we are going to show you more of this viral video that's sweeping the nation when we return.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
now you can sniff your way to love. it is the hottest new trend on the singles market. people at parties like this one in arizona are using their keen sense of smell to find a mate. here is how it works. attendees bring a shirt they have slept in and it gets assigned a number. then everyone gathers around a table of shirts to sniff away. >> this sounds different. let's give it a try. >> anything t-shirts. suns weird. but people will do anything for love. >> all righty, then. it all comes down to the smells. they are almost as unique as a fingerprint and it can't hurt if it actually helps find a mate. now to a viral video that's racked up more than 15 million views. [jailhouse rock ♪ >> we like little william.
6:57 am
he's just two years old. video was shot at the opening of a dance studio. his parents are dancers and that's probably where he gets some of his killer moves. look at him go! he even took a little bow. list arrange is here with the final look at the weather before we bow out. >> the view from mount tam shows a lot of clear areas this morning. in fact temperatures are dropping there with numbers in the upper 30s. but by later on today santa rosa 62. 60 san mateo. the raiders about 60 by 1:00. 64 oakland, 62 san jose. the look ahead, we are looking at dry conditions. tomorrow a little bit of a warmup. late tuesday into wednesday our next chance of light showers. then we are dry for thursday, the pg&e and the day after and even milder into the weekend still a winter weather advisory above 7,000 feet in the sierra. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news.
6:58 am
abc7 news continues at 9:00. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. we want to remind you about our exclusive alarm clock app for the i-phone. download it for the free and
6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning, talk of truce. could the wave of violence thre

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